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Before you listen: Please, note the highlighted words below. Their pronunciation is different in Kannada English. Try to pay attention when you listen to them, because most Indian people will pronounce them in this way. Remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.



[Client (Vaishali) and wi-fi provider (Shiv) on the phone:]

Vaishali: Hi, Mr. Shiv, my name is Vaishali, from Gulmohar apartments, Koramangala. The Wi-fi in my house is not working since morning. Is there a connection problem in our area?

Shiv: Hello madam, can you give me your user name?

V: Well, please wait, I don't remember my user name. Can I tell you my contact number?

Sh: Okay mam, please tell me your number.

V: It is 97-6936-8295.

Sh: Could you come again please?

V: Pardon? I did not understand.

Sh: Could you repeat your mobile number please?

V: It is 9769368295.

Sh: Sorry mam. There is no number registered here.

V: But you know me. You came last week to our apartment. Flat 303, Gulmohar Apartments.

Sh: Yes I remember now. Let me check. Thank you! Your user name is vaishalib@123.

V: Thanks, but could you please solve my connection problem? I have some urgent work and I need internet for that.

Sh: The connection in your area is fine ma’am. Can you please switch off the router and start it after 10 seconds?

V: Sorry, could you repeat that, please?

Sh: Please restart your router ma'am. It is the button at the back of the router instrument.

V: Okay! Please wait. I will try that.

[After a few seconds]

V: Well, I tried doing that, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Sh: Okay, let me check your account details then. Please hold the line for a minute while I check the details.

V: Excuse me... what did you say just now?

Sh: Please wait ma'am, I'm checking your payment details.

V: Oh, ok. Thank you.

Sh: Ma’am your internet pack is over. Yesterday was the last day. We had even sent you a reminder last week.


V: Sorry, what does it mean?

Sh: You have to renew your internet pack. You can do it online too. Till then, the internet is off.

V: Is it? I did not receive any reminder. How can you disconnect my net without notice?

Sh: Yes ma’am, we have sent a reminder on 98-3347-7329.

V: Oh... that’s my old number. Could you please update the new number. It is 97-6936-8295.

Sh: Sure ma’am, please give me a minute…. Yes, it’s done ma’am.

V:  But could you please restart my connection? I will make the payment now.

Sh: Mam I can’t activate anything till I receive the payment.

V: I have been using your service for many years. I really need to use the internet.

Sh: Okay ma’am as an exception I will activate the service as soon as I see the "payment initiated" status here. So please make the payment and confirm to me, I will activate it within 5 minutes of the confirmation.

V: You will do what?

Sh: I will connect the internet as soon as I see your payment initiated message on my computer.

V: Thank you so much. Could you please tell me the plan that I was using?

Sh: Sure, you were using unlimited 4G data plan @ 10 MBPS and the annual fee was Rs. 4500. Do you want to continue with the same plan?

V: Yes, I think so.

Sh: Okay ma’am I have sent you a link on your mobile. Please go to that link and make the payment. Your connection will be activated soon.

V: Thank you so much. I will do it immediately. Please activate it.

Sh: Yes ma’am thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Have a nice day!

V: Thank you... you too!

Useful vocabulary

To come again 繰り返す

To solve 解決する

Mam お客様(女性)

Connection 接続

Payment 支払い

To initiate 始める​

To renew 更新

Urgent 緊急な

Router ルーター

​To hold the line 電話を繋げたままにする

To restart 再起動する

Annual 一年の

​Immediately 急いで