Talking to the maid: Kannada English



Before you listen: Please, note the highlighted words below. Their pronunciation is different in Kannada English. Try to pay attention when you listen to them, because most Indian people will pronounce them in this way. Remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.

Tip: In India, a lot of people pronounce w and v the same, as v. You can hear that a lot in this topic. That's not correct in other types of English, but in India, it's important to pronounce it like that, or you may not be understood!

Talking to the maid 1 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation one: when the maid wants leave for three days. Conversation between Vibha and her maid, Pushpa]

Pushpa: Madam, one request please!

Vibha: Yes, Pushpa, what is it?

P: Tomorrow is my cousin sister’s son wedding. I have to go to Mysore. The wedding is day after tomorrow. I want leave for three days.

V: Three days? Why didn’t you tell me earlier Pushpa? Why do you tell me things at such a short notice? You know it's exam time and I am very busy with the kids’ studies. If it was already decided why didn’t you inform me earlier?

P: No, madam, it wasn’t decided earlier. They decided it just few days back.

V: Whatever it is! You must tell me about your leave at least one week prior to it. You must give me time to arrange for a substitute maid. It is difficult for me to handle everything alone.

P: Sorry madam!

V: Can you arrange for a substitute maid?

P: No madam! How can I arrange at such a short notice?

V: Exactly, that's why I want you to tell me in advance, okay?

P: Yes, madam! I understood. I will tell you in advance from next time. So can I take a leave?

V: Yes, today is… Wednesday. So you will come on Sunday, right?

P: Yes, 99% I will come on Sunday, otherwise on Monday.

V: Huh! So I think I know... you plan to come only on Monday. *sigh*

Talking to the maid 3 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation three: your maid wants some money in advance]

P: V madam! My daughter will go to 10th standard now. I have to put her in a good coaching class.

V: Oh! She’s grown up! Last time I met her, she was in grade seven, I think. Yes, you must put her in good coaching classes. It's a very important year for the kids.

P: Yes, we ask in a few classes. All are very expensive. The one where all her friends are going is also quite expensive. The annual fees is thirty-five thousand rupees for all subjects.

V: Hmm, classes are very expensive these days.

P: Yes, but we don’t have a choice. We have to pay. Madam, can I ask for some advance money? We need to pay the full amount this week.

V: Oh! Okay, how much do you want?

P: Can you give me 7000 rupees in advance? You can cut 1000 rupees from my salary every month.

V: Okay, I will give it to you tomorrow. But please utilize the money for paying tuition fees only and nothing else. And, please ask your daughter to study well since you are spending so much on her education.

P: Yes V madam! Thank you! Don’t worry, we will use your money properly.

V: Ah, that's good news. Thank you, and good luck to your daughter.

Talking to the maid 2 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation two: you want your maid to come early]

V: Pushpa, I have to go out early tomorrow morning. Could you please come by nine in the morning?

P: Nine? So early?

V: Yes, I have to leave by nine forty-five, Pushpa.

P: Madam, can you leave keys with the neighbor? I will collect them, open the door, do the work and close it and go back. Nine a.m. is very early madam.

V: No, I won’t leave the keys with anyone. What time can you manage to come?

P: I can come by nine thirty, earliest.

V: Okay, I'll go after that. But please come by nine thrity. Don’t be late.

P: Okay madam!

Useful vocabulary

③Standard 学年

​ Annual 毎年の

①Cousin いとこ

​ Exam time 試験期間


②Neighbor 近所の人

 Utilize 利用する

​ Tuition 授業料

 1 week prior 一週間前

​ Substitute 代わりの


④Passage 廊下、通路

 Empty 空にする

​ Steal Vessel 金属の容器

Talking to the maid 4 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation four: you want your maid's help in cleaning the house]

V: Pushpa, can you please spare sometime this week for Diwali cleaning?

P: Diwali cleaning? Madam I have to clean my house also. And, I have to cook a lot of sweets and snacks for Diwali. How will I will manage all this?

V: But we do this every year Pushpa! I am not asking something new. You help me every year and you know it only takes four to five hours. We can do it in two days.

P: Hmm. Okay let's me see which days are possible. But I will not clean the terrace and passage madam. It takes a long time to clean them. I will only clean the inside of the house. Also, if you want me to clean the loft, please empty them before we start. It will save my time.

V: Okay Pushpa. But you have to clean the loft.

P: Okay. And I hope you will give me the steel vessels and unused dresses.

V: Of course. Is that it? Don’t you want your bonus this year?

P: No no madam! Of course I want Diwali bonus. When should we start cleaning? Today?

V: No, let’s start from tomorrow. I'll get the loft emptied tonight.

P: Sure madam! Let’s start tomorrow afternoon.

V: Thank you, Pushpa.