Talking to the driver: Kannada English



Before you listen: Please, note the highlighted words below. Their pronunciation is different in Kannada English. Try to pay attention when you listen to them, because most Indian people will pronounce them in this way. Remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.

Tip: In India, a lot of people pronounce w and v the same, as v. You can hear that a lot in this topic. That's not correct in other types of English, but in India, it's important to pronounce it like that, or you may not be understood!

Talking to the driver 1 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 1: Kinoshita-san is trying to locate her driver]

Kinoshita-san: Hello, Shankar-san, where are you?

Shankar: Ma'am, I have come to fill petrol. Is your shopping over ma'am?

K: Sorry, what? I did not hear you properly. Um-

S: I am near the mall ma'am, I have come to the petrol pump. Should I come to pick you up?

K: Ah ok, petrol pump, for gasoline! Yes, my shopping is over. Could you pick me up?

S: Yes, definitely! I will be there at the exit gate number 1 of the mall in five minutes. Please wait.

K: Sorry, could you come near McDonald’s? I am waiting there...

S: Sorry madam but McDonald’s is near the mall entrance. The security guard will not allow me to bring the car there. Could you please walk up till the exit gate number 2? It is just opposite McDonald’s.

K: Sorry, which gate?

S: Exit gate number 2, near McDonald’s.

K: Okay! I will wait there. Please come soon.

S: Yes, ma'am I will be there in 5 mins.

Talking to the driver 3 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 3: Kinoshita-san is giving directions to her driver]

K: Shankar-san, we need to go to my friend’s house in Indira Nagar. Could you please take me there?

S: Yes sure ma'am! What’s the address?

K: Actually, I have the address in my phone and my phone has switched off. But, I know the way.

S: Ok, no problem. Please guide me.

K: Sorry, what?

S: Please show me the way.

K: Yes, please take the car till Indira Nagar main traffic signal. After that, I will tell you the directions.

S: Sure!

[After ten minutes]

S: We have reached the traffic signal ma'am. Where to go now?

K: Yes, so please take right from the signal and go straight till the next traffic signal.

S: Ok.

K: Ok, now please turn left at this signal.

S: Ok.

K: Can you see South Indian Bank on your right?

S: S-O-U-T-H I-N-D-I-A-N bank, yes I can. There it is.

K: Yes, now please take a right turn after the bank and enter the lane.

S: Ok. What is the name of her building? Do you remember?

K: Yes, it is Crystal Society.

S: Ok, let me search. There it is.

K: Ok, thanks, so please drop me near the gate. I will be free after two hours. I will give you a call then.

S: Yes, ma'am! I will take the car to a nearby petrol pump for filling air in the tire.

K: Oh, do you need some money?

S: No, Sir gave me money in the morning.

K: Ok.

Useful vocabulary

①Petrol ガソリン

 Properly ちゃんと

 Exit 出口

 ​Entrance 入り口

④Pay hike 給料の値上げ

 Sufficient 十分な

 To have patience 我慢する

②To inform 知らせる

​③Address 住所

 To guide 案内する

 Traffic signal 信号

 Lane 小道

​ To give a call 電話を掛ける

⑤To drop (車から)降ろす

 Opposite 反対側の

 Statue 像

 End 端

​ Fountain 噴水

Talking to the driver 2 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 2: Kinoshita-san wants her driver to pick her son from school]

K: Shankar-san, where are you?

S: Good afternoon, madam! I am at sir’s office.

K: Good afternoon! Could you please pick Taro from his school?

S: Yes ma'am, school leaves at 3 p.m. right?

K: Ah, no! The school closes early today. You have to pick him up at 2 p.m.

S: Oh ok! I will go at 2 p.m. then.

K: Thank you! Sorry I forgot to inform you earlier.

S: No problem ma'am! I will go there at 2 p.m. don’t worry.

Talking to the driver 4 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 4: Kinoshita-san’s driver wants a raise in salary]

K: Yes, Shankar! What is it?

S: Madam, I want to make a request to you and Sir.

K: Yes?

S: Actually, I want a pay hike.

K: What?

S: Sorry, ma'am?

K: No, what did you say? I did not understand. You want what?

S: Madam, I want a raise in my salary.

K: Raise in salary? Why?

S: Ma'am, my salary has not been raised since two years. My expenses are increasing every day. My salary is not sufficient ma'am.

K: Sorry Shankar-san but it’s too early to raise your salary. We just hired you six months back. Please wait for some more time. We will think about it in December.

S: But ma'am, will you do it in December?

K: Yes, I think so. Please have some patience.

S: Ok, sorry to trouble you ma'am.

K: Ok, no problem. Could you please drop Kana off to school now?

S: Yes, sure. I'll go right away.

Talking to the driver 5 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 5: Kinoshita-san is lost and cannot find her driver]

K: Shankar-san, where are you? I can't see you!

S: Ma'am, I am at the same place where I dropped you. Opposite Wonder Theatre. Where are you?

K: Actually, I cannot find my way. I came out of the theatre from a different exit gate. Could you please help me?

S: Ok, ma'am! What can you see near you?

K: I can see a bridge here.

S: Sorry, you can see what?

K: A bridge! I can see a café also. The name is Tea Villa Café. Do you know where it is?

S: No, sorry I don’t know. Can you see a big circle and a man’s statue anywhere?

K: Sorry what did you say? I couldn’t understand you.

S: A big circle and a man’s statue?

K: No, I cannot. I can only see a bridge.

S: Oh ok I think I know where you are! You are at the other end of the mall. Can you see a fountain there?

K: Yesss! There is a fountain on my right side.

S: Ok I understood ma'am, I'll be there soon. Please stand near the fountain, I'll pick you up from there.

K: Thank you so much! I'm waiting for you.