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Before you listen: When you listen, remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.



[Making a reservation for a dinner meeting - asking for information on the phone]


Receptionist: Good evening, ma’am! How may I help you today?

Takashita: I'd like to book a table for 6 people tomorrow around 8 pm.

R: Yes, sure sir. Could you please tell me your name and contact number, please?

T: Yes, sure. My name is Takashita and my contact number is 90045-90046.

R: Thank you, ma'am. I have booked a table in the name of Ms. Takashita tomorrow, that is, 5th of July at 8pm. Please mention your name at the counter when you reach, ma'am.

T: Yes. Thank you. Could you please tell me, what time do you close?

R: Yes, sure ma'am. The restaurant closes at 10.30 pm.

T: Oh! Okay. Thank you.

R: Is there anything else I can help you with, ma'am?

T: No, that’s all. Thank you.

R: You’re welcome ma'am. I hope to see you tomorrow. Have a good day.

T: Thank you. You too.

K: Yes please. What are your charges for pedicure?
M: 700 rupees for regular pedicure and 1500 for special pedicure.

Useful vocabulary

Contact number 電話番号

To book 予約する

To close 閉店する

To mention 言及する、言う

Ma'am お客様(女性)

Sir お客様(男性)