Money problems: Kannada English



Before you listen: Please, note the highlighted words below. Their pronunciation is different in Kannada English. Try to pay attention when you listen to them, because most Indian people will pronounce them in this way. Remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.

Tip: In India, a lot of people pronounce w and v the same, as v. You can hear that a lot in this topic. That's not correct in other types of English, but in India, it's important to pronounce it like that, or you may not be understood!

Money problems 1 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 1: Not enough change, conversation between V-san and an auto driver]

Vibha: Here, please take this!

Auto driver: Madam, the fare is Rs. 23 and you are giving me Rs. 100? That too early in the morning? Sorry, I don’t have change.

V: Well, sorry I don’t have it either. Please check with someone else then.

A: Madam, nobody will give me so much change. Don’t you have change at all?

V: Let me check again. I just withdrew money from the ATM so I don’t think I have change... ... Well I have a 20-rupee note here.

A: Okay that’s fine. Keep Rs. 3 with you.

V: Really?

A: Yes!

V: Well, thanks and sorry.

Useful vocabulary

③To get rejected 拒否される

​ Connection (ネットの)接続

①Fare 料金

​ Change 小銭/ おつり

 Lane 小道

 Bill 領収書

 To go on strike ストライキする

 To avoid 避ける

 Paytm スマホアプリを用いた代表的な電子決済方法の1つ。

 To be transferred 振り込まれる

​ OTP One Time Password の略。手続きの際に一時的に用いる簡単なパスコード。

 Note 紙幣

​②Notice 注意書き

Money problems 2 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 2: A credit or debit card is not accepted at cash counter]

V: Here, please take this card.

Cashier: Sorry, madam! We accept only cash.

V: What? I didn't know that!

C: Sorry madam! But there is a notice saying "Cash only" at the entrance.

V: Well, but I don’t have cash right now. I'll have to go to the ATM.

C: Madam, sorry for the inconvenience. There is an ATM just down the lane.

V: Well, please bill this for me. Let me come back.

C: Sure madam. I will make the bill after you come back.

Money problems 3 - eigoPaathshala Indian English listening
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[Situation 3: he credit or debit card is not usable]

C: Madam, your card is getting rejected by the machine.

V: Why? I use it almost every day. What’s wrong?

C: I don’t know madam. I tried swiping it twice. Do you have another card?

V: No, I don’t. Please try again.

C: Okay madam! ... Sorry madam, there is some connection problem with us. The connection lines are not working. I am afraid you will have to pay by cash.

V: Sorry, but I don’t have cash. And especially since the banks have gone on strike, I am avoiding spending cash. Is there any other way?

C: Madam, do you use Paytm?

V: Yess! I do!

C: Okay, you can pay by that then.

V: Thank you so much. Please share the phone number where the money needs to be transferred.

C: Yes, you may scan this code madam. You will receive an OTP. Please share the number with me. The amount will get transferred.

V: Thank you so much.