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Before you listen: Please, note the highlighted words below. Their pronunciation is different in Kannada English. Try to pay attention when you listen to them, because most Indian people will pronounce them in this way. Remember that 1) in Kannada English, all -ed endings are clearly pronounced 2) ma'am, mam, sir are used in almost every sentence 3) many speakers add Kannada words into their English 4) all th sounds become t or d.



[On the phone, Kubota makes reservation at Manya's shop:]
Manya: Hello! Intrends beauty saloon, Manya here, how can I help you?
Kubota: Hello! I am calling to get an appointment.
M: Sure Ma'am. May I know your name please?
K: Eh... to... My name is Kubota, Masami Kubota.
M: Sorry ma'am, I did not get it.

K: Excuse me, what did you say now?

M: Ma'am, may I know your name, please?
K: Aah! Yes, of course. K- U- B- O- T- A- Kubota. Can I get an appointment?
M: Actually, no appointment needed ma'am unless it is for a facial. You can just walk in.

K: Sorry, can you repeat that, please? Slowly?

M: What would you like to get done, ma'am?

K: Excuse me, I don't understand?

M: How can I help you, ma'am?
K: Ehh... I want a pedicure.
M: Sure ma'am. Anything else?
K: No, thank you. Do you do nail art?
M: Sorry ma'am. No nail art. But nail paint with pedicure.
K: Ah. Ok... I understand. What are your ti-timings?
M: We are open from 10:00-6:00. Lunch hour is from 1:30-2:30. And we are closed on Tuesdays.
K: I want an appointment for tomorrow, 11 am.
M: Tomorrow is Monday. You are most welcome ma'am. Can I take this as fixed?
K: Eh...sorry, I don't understand. Please repeat.
M: Ma'am, appointment fixed for tomorrow at 11 am?

K: Yes please. What are your charges for pedicure?
M: 700 rupees for regular pedicure and 1500 for special pedicure.
K: Eh... to... ne... what is special pedicure?
M: It is like a foot spa. There is tan removal and foot softener. Also, it is for a longer time.

K: Eh, sorry, can you say that again?

M: Special pedicure has tan removal and foot softener.
K: Ok, I understand. How long for a regular pedicure?
M: 45 minutes, special pedicure is one and a half hours.
K: Ok. Thank you. I will come tomorrow.
M: So, appointment at 11 am for tomorrow, March 26th, Ms. Kubota, for a pedicure. Can I have your contact details, ma'am?

K: Sorry?

M: Your phone number, ma'am.
K: 94-8027-7442.
M: Thank you Ma'am. You will receive the confirmation by sms. Let me repeat your number. It is 94-802-77-112.

K: Oh, no, sorry, it is 94-8027-7442.

M: Ok ma'am. 94-8027-7442.
K: Yes, that's right. One more question. How can I cancel the appointment?
M: You can call on 080-2336-4444 one hour prior to the scheduled time.
K: Sorry, can I call this number?
M: No, ma'am. You may call on 080-2336-4444.

K: Excuse me, can you repeat the number slowly, please?

M: Sure. 080-2336-4444.
K: Ok. Thank you. See you tomorrow.
M: Thanks for calling Intrends Beauty Saloon.

Useful vocabulary

Facial 美顔術

​Walk-in 予約なしの/飛び込み

Pedicure ペディキュア

Charge 料金

Cancel キャンセル

Rescheduling スケジュール変更

​Tan removal 日に焼けた色素を落とす

​Contact detail 連絡先

Ma'am お客様(女性)

Sir お客様(男性)

Beauty saloon 美容院

Appointment 予約